Our Country’s Good

Our Country's Good is the play that we will be performing in May. We were assigned this play as it would test our skills in multi-rolling and adaptation to characters. Our Country's Good is a play written by British playwright, Timberlake Wertenbaker in 1988, adapted from the Thomas Keneally novel The Playmaker. The story is… Continue reading Our Country’s Good


Meet The Team

Continue scrolling to see our team! Who we are, what we do and where to find us! ¬† Billie Palmer¬† (social) media manager Billie is the media manager of the company. She runs and creates this blog and co-runs the Facebook page along with the creative director, and has created and marketed the posters and… Continue reading Meet The Team

Welcome to PAC

Hello there! If you're reading this, it probably means: A: You're intrigued by the title. B: You've clicked the link on our Facebook page. (link below) or C: You were bored. We hope we can change the latter. Let us introduce ourselves. We are PAC. That's short for 'Plympton Academy Company'. We are a group… Continue reading Welcome to PAC